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QB Scanner : QR code/Bar code Scanner & Generator

All in one QR code and Bar code Reader, Scanner and Generator.

QB Scanner is a powerful QR code and Bar code scanner. It is the fastest free QR code and Bar code scanner on Google Play. It is an essential app for every android user and scans all QR codes and Bar codes in just a few seconds.

QB Scanner lets you scan QR codes and Bar codes printed on all products, anywhere without internet connection.

How to Use QB Scanner : 

1. QB Scanner needs support from camera on your mobile device.
2. Simply Open the QB Scanner app
3. Point your camera to QR code or Bar code that you want to scan.
4. The QB Scanner will automatically recognize and decode any QR code or Bar code your camera is pointing out.
5. There is no need to take a photo while scanning the QR code or bar code.
6. The decoded results are quickly stored in the history repository.

QB Scanner app is not just a QR code or Bar code scanner but also QR code generator. It lets you create your own QR code.


1. Robust QR code and Bar code Scanner.
2. Scan QR code and Bar code quickly and precisely.
3. Instant Scan.
4. Easily generate unlimited QR codes.
5. Supports all standard code types such as text, URL, ISBN, contact, calendar, email, location and Wi-Fi etc
6. Store and Share the QR code and Bar code.
7. QB Scanner works even without internet connection.
8. Create your personalized QR code with your information easily and fastly. 

All in one free QR code and Bar code scanner and generator app.

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 QB Scanner

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