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Eye Saver - Blue Light Filter For Night Mode

Eye Saver application is crafted to protect eyes from blue light by minimizing the screen brightness eventually blue light. 

Eye Saver android application creates and applies an overlay view/filter on the screen which reduces or minimizes screen brightness (decreasing the blue color) and
protect our eyes that usually hurt by looking the screen over a period of time.

Features :

1.  Reduces the screen brightness (blue color) to a minimum level. 

2. Adjusts filter automatically based on the light sensor.

3. Ease of use (No Complex settings)

4. Save the battery life.

5. Protects eye from blue light

6. Control the application via notification bar

How it helps :

1.  Helps to protect eyes from getting strain when the brightness of the screen is more.

2. Mainly used for reading, gaming, browsing and chatting on bed/anywhere.

3. Automatically applies overlay filter when the brightness of screen changes.

4. Uses light sensors to adjust the overlay filter. 

5. Forget complex settings, It adjusts overlay filter based on the screen brightness.

Permission Required :

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - creating overlay Filter
INTERNET permission - For displaying ads.

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